Tips to Increase Your App Download Rates

You just had your mobile application tested and put online for the world to experience the greatness of it. You’re thrilled about the app, it perfectly works on every device that you’ve designed it for and there almost seems to be no competition for this app in your niche. After uploading it, you sit and wait for the first download, the first Rating, and the first review.

But somehow you end up feeling that your app is not getting as much attention or as many downloads as it deserves. It happens with many people. The reason behind this is that most of the traffic from searches on these app stores only goes as far as the 50th app in the search list. And thus, all the developers strive to bring their applications as higher in the list as possible. Because of the simple reason that the more visible your app will be, the more downloads it will fetch for you. Being a new mobile app development company is another play zone in itself. You need to work harder in order to achieve the extra mile of popularity for your mobile app.

Let us look at ways to make this possible and going.

  1. Keywords, Keywords, and Keywords

This cannot be stressed enough that how important keywords are for the success of your application. A perfectly translated app description (for targeting localized userbase), use of keywords in the name of the app, description, even the URL and reviews can help greatly in making your mobile app visible.

  1. Cost-Per-Install (CPI) Burst campaign

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to boost your app’s visibility when you want to boost your number of downloads. CPI burst campaigns work in the same direction. You will pay a certain amount of money for each install to different advertisers. The idea behind this to initially propel yourself in the top positions of the app list. This usually works best if you have a growing number of downloads already.
Agencies like Tapjoy, Leadbolt or even MagicSolver offer these kinds of services.

  1. Discounts for a limited duration of time

In the initial time after launching your mobile application, you can provide the services for free or at a certain discount rate to attract more and more users. This tactic works the best in improving your mobile application’s popularity in the starting. There are even other apps which help you in the promotion of your discounted app, like AppGratis.

Many popular apps, such as Uber adopted this technique where they provided the customers with first five free rides. And this is how their popularity caught on.

  1. Marketing

A business is nothing without marketing. As a popular saying goes – If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it really fall?. Similarly, if your amazing mobile app business did not blow the horn and nobody came to know about it then what’s the point? Marketing helps you in achieving that escape velocity and getting a headstart in the market. Get the word out, distribute press releases, approach people to review your app, anything that will help you in achieving a certain visibility before your application gets on autopilot. Agencies like AppShout can help you contact many blogs and publications.

  1. Use of visuals

There should be ample use of visuals in the form of clear, professional screenshots and/or an explainer video. Having three to six screenshots for any app, depicting a different instance of the app where the users can make out what the app is all about is highly important. Similarly, a professionally made explainer video, which is translated in the local languages of geographies you’re targeting can do wonders for your app. It might have some initial costs if you don’t know how to make one for yourself but the amount of traffic it is likely to generate for your mobile application is worth every penny.

Finally, it is all about your efforts in the promotion when you are just starting out in the mobile app development world. To make your mobile app rank higher, at later stages, you might need to take help from external agencies as well but these points will help you in taking care of the things from your end and make your Mobile app rank higher on app stores.

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