Awesome Productivity Tips

Whether you an entrepreneur, online marketer, or an executive, you always seem to need to get as much done as quickly as possible. With the rapid pace at which technology continues to evolve, it is very challenging to keep up on all the latest trends and know exactly what is actually a game-changer for your work volume.

Getting more done during the day always feels amazing and satisfying. Unfortunately, some factors such as from being tired to lack of resources can decrease your productivity levels.

But you can overcome all the challenges by simply following the best productivity tips that will help you do more in less time. 

  1. Set Rewards for Your Tasks

According to different studies brain releases dopamine in expectancy of reward. If you know that you’ll be rewarded for what you’ve done, you’ll likely be in a better mood as you work. If you are relaxed and happy, your fight and flight stress hormone won’t release and shut down critical thinking part of your mind. This way you can carefully complete your tasks and make good decisions about your projects. 

  1. Open Relevant Apps and Websites

It’s no wonder that there are many websites that distract you and eat at your concentration. Commit to open only those websites or apps that are relevant to your immediate task or project. There is no need to checking your Facebook notifications, inbox, news website and other potential distractions, as they are the biggest productivity killers and you can’t stay focused on your task with these detractions.  

  1. Create To-do Lists

Adding tasks to your to-do list is indeed the best option so you can stay more focused and don’t forget any high-priority task. It is advised to schedule the time you are going to deal with the tasks written in your to-do list. That way, you will be able to easily deal with each and every task and don’t have to be panic or feel anxious.

  1. Take a Five Minutes Break

A study shows that time people take to get the task done can be expanded or contracted depending on the time allotted. For example, if you have 30 minutes to complete a task, you’ll probably use 20 to 25 minutes to get it done. It is called Parkinson’s Law . Save 5 minutes to think what exactly you need and the steps you require to complete the task on time. 

  1. Handle Big Tasks at once

There are some tasks that are big and take more time than routine tasks. It is advised to complete these big tasks in a manner that you don’t have to come back to them. For instance, don’t open your inbox or any other app that chew away your concertation and focus. When you complete the task in one sitting, you’ll get an instant shot of dopamine that will make you feel satisfied, motivated and determined to complete even more challenging tasks. 

  1. Use the Right Tools

Dealing with lots of tasks at once can make entrepreneurs less productive and anxious. Choosing the right productivity management software can help you do more work efficiently and seamlessly. TaskQue is an amazing productivity management tool that can help you improve your overall performance by keeping you focused on high priority tasks. With this tool, you can track progress of your projects, communicate effectively with your team members and clients, create to-do lists, while allowing every team member to stay on the same track. 

Over to You

As you follow these productivity tips, keep in mind that any extra slot that comes from the hacks doesn’t have to fill with more asks. It is recommended to do some productive and creative. The goal is not necessary to be able to get more and more tasks done. It is all about completing your assigned tasks as efficiently as possible, so you can get time to do what you love, such reading a book, enjoying time with your family and more. Set clear objectives, use these easy productivity enhancing strategies to get more done in less time and with more efficiency.

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