Guide to Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook happens to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available on the internet today apart from being one of the greatest social media platforms in the world. This can be said to be a social media giant that boasts of an ever-growing userbase and an everlasting community.

Facebook continues to outpace other social media channels and you can well understand how crucial it is to use this platform for marketing your business and for building up as well as maintaining your brand awareness.

You must put your shiniest foot forth in this case to get your brand noticed.  This can make all the difference between someone choosing your brand and simply scrolling over to that of your competitor.

So here is a guide of Facebook image sizes that will help you to utilise this platform in the best way possible for promoting your business. Just take a look.

  • Facebook Cover Photo Size – The Facebook cover photo happens to be the large panoramic image space that remains at the top of the timeline. The display is now 820px wide by 312px high on the laptop and desktop browsers. The random aspect ratio of this is 205:78. In case of the smartphones, this picture is displayed at the aspect ratio of 16:9 which implies 640px by 360px (the more convenient version). The image must be 150px tall and 399px wide. To maximize the image quality, you should upload the ones at least 624px high and 1640px wide.
  • Facebook Profile Picture – The Facebook profile picture encapsulates what your business is all about. So you must make sure that it is simple enough to identify your brand. It is used to overlay the cover photo’s bottom left corner. But in case of the latest layout, it is moved to the own spot in the top left of the page. The image displays as 178px wide by 180px tall on the computer and laptop browsers and 128px by 128px in case of the smartphones. If the resulting image of the profile picture is downsized in Facebook and it becomes blurry, then upload an image twice the size of the downsized image like 340px by 340px. This will offer a sharper and clearer end result.
  • Facebook Shared Image The shared image happens to be the most common form of posting on Facebook. These images will appear on your timeline and will also be displayed on the news feed of your followers. But this usually involves a decrease in organic reach as not everyone will see it. The more people engage with the post the more likely it is that the other followers will see the activity. This will appear on the feed at max width of 470 pixels and on the page at max width of 504 pixels. The upload size that is recommended is 1,200 x 630 pixels.
  • Facebook Shared Link – This is another great tool under Facebook’s belt that enables you to share a link. It is just like posting a shared image, but you get many more fields to work with in this case. You can choose to create a shared link to the left with text on the right or with a larger rectangular image on the top with text at the bottom. The ideal facebook post size that is recommend is 1,200 x 628 pixels. Facebook will scale the photos under the minimum dimensions. So for best results you should enhance the image resolution at the same scale as the minimum size.
  • Facebook Event Image – The Facebook event images assist to capture the user’s attention and cut through the noise on the social media platform. Your audience will get the reminders and therefore having a good space with a great image in quite vital. The upload size that is recommend is 1920 x 1080 Facebook will scale down the dimensions to 470 x 174 pixels.

Now that you know the image dimensions, get going and make the most of what this popular platform has to offer so that you can help your business achieve its true potential with minimum or almost no investment.

Author Bio – Derek Alam is a talented and experienced digital marketing expert who specializes in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and has been associated with a number of esteemed social media consulting services since many years now. A passionate tech-geek and avid blogger, learning about new and upcoming technologies on every level comes under his daily routine. He strives to assist the readers through his blogs with accurate and reliable information so that they can succeed in making the most of what the internet has to offer for their business without making a dent in their pocket.

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