Smartphone tracking apps

Smartphone tracking apps to keep you safe

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Its 11 pm at night, you just finished your evening shift and you finally start walking on your way back home. The sound of your own footsteps a little louder, the wind breezes a little stronger and the unusual empty roads make you feel dubious. Suddenly, you find yourself in an unknown part of the […]

Cloud To Businesses In The Digital Age

How Important Is the Cloud To Businesses In The Digital Age?

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The world today is run by technology; hence, this period is aptly termed the ‘digital age’. And as technology advances, the competition becomes fiercer. The strategies which were employed for carrying out businesses earlier, are pretty much redundant. One major shift that digital age has led to is the widespread adoption of Cloud-based technologies. Cloud […]

software for recruitment

Tips on using exam software for recruitment

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In today’s world, where recruitment has become quite challenging, it is not only the employees who faces critical situation but also the employer who needs to take the right decision. There are many online recruitment tools available; some do give fruitful results while some needs extra customization for the right hiring. At initial stage, you […]

Application Lifecycle Management

The Modern Approach to Application Lifecycle Management

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Application life-cycle management is a set of process, pre-defined starting from at some point in business as idea or rather a risk. This process then passes through different phases of development phases like requirements design development, definition,testing deployment and also the release & maintenance spanning via the whole lifecycle of product. Around the whole process […]

oracle database migration

Details About Oracle Database Migration

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The process of migrating the transferring the data from one storage system to another or the process of converting the data from one file format to another file format is known as the database migration. Instance where the system requires the upgradation or the transformation to the new or the changed version is included in […]

GST Software Simplifies

Use of GST Software Simplifies Matters of Accounting and Transportation

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With the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), the commercial sector has undergone a rapid change. It has affected the real estate, construction, and building sector, home buyers and developers, transportation and trucking companies, the power sector and much more. The wise person is finding ways to change with the times through the […]