How Fuser Of A Laser Printer

With advancement in technology, it is now possible to get colored and excellent quality prints of text and images on the paper. This has been made possible due to innovation in laser printers. When it comes to the assemblies and parts of the printers then we cannot forget about fusers. Printer fuser have great importance in the printing process. The laser printing process is all about the toner and fuser which make the printing easy. The printing takes place when the toner gets melted and fused with the paper fibers. The entire process of fusing is conducted with the use of heat.

Fuser assembly of the laser printer has different essential parts that help in effortless printing. It comes with two heated rollers that are used during the fusing process. The discharge lamp is another important part of the fuser that is well suited for providing heat during the fusing process.

Here’s the basic guide that’ll let you know about the working and other functioning of the fuser of the laser printer. Let’s understand the fusing process step by step:

  • Generally, fusing is the final step of laser printing where the fuser unit is used to create the prints on the paper.
  • Heat generation and toner melting: The main application of using the two heat rollers in this fusing is that they ensure excellent compression on the paper. In the fuser assembly when the inked paper passes through one pair of the roller, the toner melts down to due heat generated from the discharge lamp and gets fused with the paper fibers.
  • In other words, it can be said that heat generated from the rollers make the toner particles or powder to fuse into the fibers of the paper.
  • Compression of the toner: After this, the inked paper comes into contact with the upper heated roller in the fuser unit. At the same time, the other roller flattens the toner for creating the prints on the paper.
  • The final step of this laser printer fusing includes rolling out of the printed paper. The printer fuser rolls out the printed paper to the output tray which will be your final printed page.

When you hold the finished printed page, you will feel it a bit warm. This happens because of the fuser unit where the page gets compressed with heated rollers.

During the entire fusing process, pressure and heat are used that are generated from the rollers and the discharge lamp. Continuous rolling and compression can cause wearing out of the fuser. Thus, it is important to have a continuous check on the fuser parts by maintaining and servicing it properly.

In laser printers, one of the important parts is the printer fuser that helps in finishing the laser printing process. It makes sure that rollers of the printers are perfectly in contact with the paper to create desired prints on the paper. For ensuring its hassle-free functioning, it is advisable to make proper cleaning cycle of the fuser of the printer.

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