Learning Process

Presently, education is considered to be one of the basic necessities of man. The future and advancement of any civilization depend upon the education and technology sector. Previously, the education was only limited to writing boards and teachers. Now, with the technological developments, various tools are being used to enhance the learning process and make education more effective.

In this article, some of the ways are described in which technology is facilitating the learning process and making it more accessible, engaging, effective and student-friendly.

  • Easy Accessibility & Cost

With technology, knowledge is now easily accessible and available at a lower cost. With the introduction of the internet, any individual from any corner of the world can access the whole sea of knowledge with just a few clicks. For example, if a student has a doubt in a certain topic like magnetic flux, they can easily use their electronic device and check complete details on the internet.

  • Personalized Learning

As every learner has a unique learning pattern and pace, it is important to cater to individual needs and not just generalize the teaching process. In traditional classrooms, some students fail to cope up with the lessons which reduce their learning efficiency. With adaptive technology, personalized learning has become possible which is now completely personalized and student-friendly.

  • Distance learning

Using internet, it is now possible for individuals from different places to have access to the global courses and information. Crossing all hindrances, one can actually attend the live classes without being physically present at the original location. This also saves time and cost of traveling. Not only this, the distance learning course is also flexible in nature and one can learn at their own convenience of time and place.

  • Engagement

Technology tools like 3D animation, AR, VR, etc. can help to improve engagement of the learners to a great extent. Students are now taught using engaging video lectures which improves their engagement and help them to understand the concepts thoroughly and retain them for longer. Thus, it can be said that technology integrated learning helps in better understanding, more engagement and enhance memory retention. With visualized learning, students can also learn science and maths topics like calculus, mechanics, etc. in a better and more effective way as they can easily relate the concepts practically.

These were a few ways in which technology has proved to be extremely beneficial to the education system. Technology facilitated learning has huge potential to make learning more effective and will surely be an integral part of the education system in the near future.

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